The following example illustrates the cost efficiency of the module StockTracer. It refers to a plant with * Six working days per week * Three shifts per day * One manual plant data collection per shift. Three employees use half an hour for every data collection. The average imputed activity price is 25 EURO per hour.

Terms of Estimation without
Difference per
4 weeks
number production bins (3 shifts per day) 10 10 -
number of production data acquisition/ stock/ 72 shifts 72 4 -68
number of affected staff 3 3 -
estimated hourly rate (EUR) 25 25 -
duration of production data acquisition 0,5 0,5  
estimated costs of production data acquisition
/ 4 weeks
27,000.00 1,500.00 -25,500.00

Alternatively the plant uses the backflush at every completion confirmation to execute the component consumption. After the last shift of a week a foreman creates a PDC document and the three employees start the inventory supported by the TraceCenter’s shop papers. The number of data collections decreases remarkably. The example shows a benefit of 25,500 EURO in four weeks. The life cycle of software tools are often limited to five years. That is equivalent to 260 weeks. In this scenario the calculated benefit is 25,500 EURO * (260 / 4 weeks). The result is 1,657,500 EURO.



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